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In the past hormonal therapy has been a mainstay of menopausal therapy but also a source of great controversy and risk. While not every patient is a candidate for Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), patients may benefit from hormonal evaluation and treatment beginning in their reproductive years as well as through perimenopause and menopause. We provide traditional evaluation as well leading edge, patient specific hormonal balance with bioidentical hormones and supplementation.

Hormone Testing


Expect patient specific testing and treatment. We employ specialized hormone testing from saliva and urine to identify specific deficiency or excess a patient may be suffering from.

Customized Hormone Replacement

The information obtained from this information lead to a plan tailored to your specific hormonal needs -- often using lifestyle or behavioral instructions as well as pharmacologic and vitamin supplementation from our affiliated specialty laboratories, compounding pharmacies, and supplement providers.

Hormone Supplements

Supplementation with appropriate vitamins and metabolic cofactors is an important aspect of improving your metabolic and hormonal care. Through investigation, testing and continued education we have identified supplements providers who are reputable, safe and provide products which do what they are intended to do.

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