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Physician Supervised HCG Injections

There is a new, revolutionary way to take control of your weight. It’s called The HCG Diet.

There are vitamin shops and grocery stores selling the HCG drops and claiming it's "the real HCG".

However, physician-supervised HCG injections are much more effective than drops. Our compounded HCG, while extremely effective, is NOT available in any grocery or vitamin store and can only be administered through a physician under strict supervision.

And being under a doctor's care ensures that you'll be winning the battle of the bulge safely.

Benefits of HCG

One of the key benefits of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is that it resets your hypothalamus gland and overall metabolism.

This allows you to feel satisfied on a restricted calorie diet and not experience annoying hunger pains, which are responsible for most failed diet plans. The HCG Diet allows your body to burn your fat stores for energy, and because you won’t be hungry, keeps you from overeating. In fact, from our experience, we often see people struggle to even want to eat the small amount of food that is required for our program.

Before starting any diet, it is important to ensure that you are working with an experienced physician you can trust – one who understands pathophysiology, contraindications, and any potential risks. Our providers have specifically analyzed all the available data and are confident that HCG has the power to finally put an end to the misery of obesity for so many patients.

Our HCG program includes:

  • Initial consultation to discuss your goals

  • Follow-up appointments are recommended every 7-10 days during treatment.  One thing that sets us apart from other HCG programs is our commitment to your success.  The support you receive during your treatment is unmatched.  This support and guidance is crucial in preventing stalling.

  • Full amount of HCG medication required for treatment period selected

  • Access to all documents needed to be well-informed and prepared for full treatment. This includes detailed instructions, foods options, full cookbook, food journal, and several other documents to make this as simple for you as possible!

  • Complete physician supervision to ensure safe and effective weight loss

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